• Repair Services

    • Our experienced technicians are highly-trained and qualified to perform a variety of different types of repairs including touchscreen and LCD replacement services

    • Phones and swimming are not two things that go together well!. RxTRONICS offers a liquid damage diagnostic service to see what your phone needs to get it working again.
    • Make sure your pictures look great every time. Whether it be a cracked lens, a faulty flash, we know it can be frustrating. Bring your phone in to ensure you never miss a moment.
    • Battery life can become a problem, especially when running multiple apps and other programs. A new battery is often the solution, especially for phones with inaccessible batteries.

    • Broken charge ports keep your battery from properly charging and cuts down battery life. We can repair your charge port or determine if your battery is at fault. Either way, you’ll leave knowing you can successfully charge your phone.
    • Have a busted headphone jack ? Not being able to listen to music, because of crackling audio cutting in and out sporadically, is a bummer. Let the RxTRONICS experts help!

    • Newer phones don’t have a visible antenna, but this hidden technology is the key to a strong signal. If you experience low signal strength or an increase in dropped calls, visit us for a new antenna.

    • Phone won’t turn on? power button issues are a hassle. If your power button is letting you down, stop in today for our power button repair service.

    • " Cracked the screen on my Android, which caused all sorts of issues -- the touch screen would go crazy or not respond at all. Now my phone is as good as new. Great, fast service, fair price. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!! "

      Julia Leder

    • " Excellent interaction and customer service. Quality work. Reasonable prices. Great location. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "

      Gia Ness

    • " Fixed my phone quickly and with excellence. The screen was broken, it had water damage and a few buttons didn't work..now it's working like the first day I got it. If RxTRONICS can't fix it...no one can! "

      Adrianna Jozic

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