• iPhone Repairs
  • Breaking your phone is never a pleasant experience. We’ve all been there, even me. You’re having a good time, minding your own business, nothing out of the ordinary. Then suddenly, without notice, your iPhone decides it would like to try its hand at flying. I mean, you can’t really fault its cockiness. It can do pretty much everything but fly at this point (although I’m sure they’re working on some type of app/hardware combo for that). As it soars through the air you can do nothing but hold your breath. Eyes closed. Hoping, no, praying, that minimal damage is dealt when it comes face to face with that uncarpeted tile floor. Well, needless to say, that usually doesn’t end well for ole’ Evel Knievel does it? And that’s why we’re here. Once you catch your breath and come to terms with the harms that have befallen your trusty sidekick, give us a call. Think of us as the medical specialists for your iPhone after it goes on those risky, death defying flying adventures.

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